After working as a director in emergency preparedness within the public sector and consultant in the same field for a period, I started my own company Tiljar, which in broad terms gives advice in the areas of security, defense and preparedness. I have relevant operational, administrative and managerial experience, which I think gives me a good position to provide a good and solid advice in the areas mentioned.

The advice from Tiljar which caters to public authorities, municipalities and private and public limited companies is based on the reality that the Faroe Islands is a small island community, which is secluded in the North Atlantic in a national community with Denmark and Greenland. This geographical and constitutional situation regarding Faroe Islands brings with it special challenges with respect to matters relating to security, defense and preparedness.

A sensible handling of these challenges has as its premise that governments, municipalities and companies in the Faroes organize themselves in a good and proper way and cooperate closely also with our neighboring countries and the international community on matters that have to do with security and preparedness. Tiljar wants to help the Faroese society to handle these challenges.

Tiljar builds its business on these values:

  • Credibility - the advice is carried out professionally and with a high degree of quality.
  • Options - the advice is based on opportunities rather than barriers
  • Cooperation - the advice is based on close and constructive cooperation with the customer.
  • Dynamics - the advice is dynamic and innovative while counseling takes into account that matters relating to security, defense and public safety must be persistent and intelligent.

About the name Tiljar and the logo

The name Tiljar is composed of the words preparedness and earth in the sense that the advice of Tiljar includes emergency and security issues in a broad sense on the earth - on land, at sea and in the air. 

The logo symbolizes a diamond that is the ideal structure of the most precious and hardy substance found on earth. The diamond is made from carbon (C), and has an octahedron crystal form.

The logo is organized in three colors, the bottom half is brown gray and symbolizes the ground while the top half is blue and green, which symbolizes respectively sea, air and land.